nct 2018 – relationships (94-97)


author’s note: hi, guys! this post is basically the ‘inside scoop’ on my favorite group, NCT. it’s entirely based on astrology and revolves around how they’d act in relationships and qualities they would need or want in a partner. 

– note that this post will include solely the members born from 1994 to 1997, the members born from 1998 to 2002 will be posted separately –

– ps. not edited (yet) –

Moon Taeil


sun, gemini: this trait leads him to crave communication first and foremost in a relationship. he needs a partner that can playfully argue with him, and keep him on his toes. honesty is of high value with him, and he’ll be your number one adviser. 

moon, leo: this placement has groomed him to love a partner intensely. he is a loyal, supportive lover. he craves a spontaneous partner that can combat his dramatic and creative habits, as well as one who reassures him and showers him with affection. 

mercury, cancer: this sign has him undoubtedly seeing himself with children in the future. a gentle partner is most fitting for him, seeing as that he is highly emotional. this partner will also become his strength in life, and he will find himself depending on them. 

venus, cancer: he is drawn to an emotional partner that is family-oriented and gentle. he craves for them to know him and his needs inside out – through and through. with a partner such as this he will feel at home, and provide them with the same amount of love. 

mars, taurus: he is nothing less than a sensualist. it isn’t unlikely that he can get caught up in the physical pleasures of the relationship. his partner should welcome this sensuality, within reason, since his indulgence in them in solely complimentary. 

ascendant, virgo: this placement may lead him to be a bit controlling in some areas, so a partner willing to say ‘no’ at times is necessary. these feelings of his come from a place of negativity, though, so his lover must be understanding of his attitudes. 

neptune sextile north node: he has strong instincts when it comes to love, which leads him to be confident in his wants and desires.

mercury trine jupiter: his way with words easily charms othesr, and his partner will likely for him due to just that. 

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