hi luvs! in celebration of my recent url change + hitting a follower goal of mine, i wanted to host a mini giveaway!! 💖


  • open to ONLY Canadian + US residents!
  • ((i plan on doing international giveaways in the future, but for now just those two countries))
  • the giveaway runs from today until 6/25/18 11:59 PM EST!
  • there is ONE winner
  • i will selecting the winner thru a random generator + contacting them on 6/26
  • if you don’t answer within 24hrs, i’ll be selecting a new winner


  • you will be winning:
  • a choice of ONE of these astrology necklaces designs:
  • style one OR style two*
  • ((up to you which style + sign you would like))
  • *note: style two is limited to the options $30 and under!
  • ONE physical copy of NCT 2018’s EMPATHY album 
  • brand new, sealed and unopened
  • you can pick whether you want the Dream or Reality version


  • no giveaway blogs!!
  • must be 18+ or have your parents’ permission + be comfortable with providing me your address
  • must be following me! this is for my followers after all!
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry 
  • [unlimited entries, but pls don’t spam]
  • likes do not count as an entry
  • make sure your ask box/messages are open so i can contact you
  • if you reblog this on a sideblog, pls write your main in the tags
  • also pls do not remove the text in this post :))

if you have any questions/concerns feel free to ask me!! thank you again for the support and have a great day ♡♡

Reblogging again! 🙌💕